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New England Clambakes: A Thanksgiving Event

Written By: Kathy - May• 03•14

NEW ENGLAND CLAMBAKES FOR THANKSGIVING – The Pilgrims’ first feast in 1621, consisted of lobster, mussels, and clams!  The very same items you can find in New England Clambakes.  Let’s face it.  Sometimes traditions can get boring.  Nothing livens up an old traditional holiday like a New England Clambake.

IT’S AN EVENT – Imagine the doorbell rings.  It’s UPS with a delivery, a box!  You bring the box inside and everyone wants to know what’s inside.  Once opened, you can’t imagine the surprised faces of everyone watching.  Live Lobsters!

SIMPLE TO PREPARE – Clambakes are actually easier to prepare than the usual, traditional, turkey and dressing. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends.   Layer the vegetables, shellfish, and seafood.  Cover and steam. That’s it!  Get everyone involved in the process and the fun begins.

HEALTHIER THAN TURKEY – Lobster is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey, and a high protein alternative.  You just won’t experience that low in the afternoon like you do when you’ve had turkey.

PURCHASE ONLINE – SHIPPED OVERNIGHT TO YOUR DOOR – There’s no shopping trips to crowded grocery stores.  You can purchase New England Clambakes complete with fresh, live Maine lobsters, right from the comfort of your own home.  Choose a delivery date and this feast is delivered to your front door, hassle-free!

VARIETY OF CHOICES – Quality Fresh Seafood, our online seafood market specializes in many styles and varieties of clambakes to choose from depending upon your preference of seafood items.  All come with fresh, live Maine lobsters, succulent shellfish, and chowder.  Many styles allow you to choose the size of live lobster (1.25, 1.75, or 2-2.5 pounds each lobster). You can find more detailed information by visiting CLAMBAKE CELEBRATION

QUALITY FRESH SEAFOOD – ONLINE SEAFOOD MARKET – We specialize in LIVE Lobsters, New England Clambakes, & unique and unusual gifts.  Seafood products come from Maine where the finest lobster in the world are selected.  Maine lobsters have a unique texture and boasts a natural sweet taste.  You can order your New England Clambake at our online seafood market by visiting – QUALITY FRESH SEAFOOD

HOW LARGE IS YOUR PARTY? – Since each New England Clambake serves two people, you would want to order two clambakes for four people and so on. Also, you’ll want to look at the different varieties of clambakes as some offer more seafood items than others.

ABOUT DELIVERY – Generally, seafood can be shipped Monday arriving Tuesday, or shipped Tuesday arriving Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  No seafood orders can be shipped Wednesday overnight due to the fact that UPS nor Fedex will deliver on Thanksgiving.  There will be no shipments on Thursday (Thanksgiving) arriving on Friday for the same reason, however, they can be shipped Friday and delivered on Saturdays in many areas of the United States (some rural areas aren’t offered as a Saturday Delivery option.

SPECIAL PRICING AT THANKSGIVING – You can count on a deal at Quality Fresh Seafood during the holiday season. Visit us online at www.QualityFreshSeafood.com or call us at 888-205-8848.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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